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Exploring the Transition to Organic Farming

Exploring the Transition to Organic Farming - January 22 2015

Upper Curling Club Lounge, Brandon Keystone Centre, 1-1175 18th Street, Brandon, MB

Free one day workshop to explore the business case for going organic. All are welcome - come and go as you choose. An optional lunch is available for $20. If you plan to stay for lunch, please RSVP to (204 871-6600) by January 19th.

NOTICE - SOD Special General Meeting 19 January 2015 at 10.00am, Saskatoon

NOTICE – SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING Saskatchewan Organic Directorate Inc. (SOD)

Date: Monday, 19th January 2015

Time: 10am Registration – 10.30 Meeting Start Time

Venue: Station 20 West, 1120 20th Street West, Saskatoon

18 December 2014

Dear Member

The purpose of this Special General Meeting is for members of SOD to vote on two resolutions (copies of which are accompanying this notice). In general terms these resolutions will propose:

  1. The replacement of the existing Bylaws with a totally new set of Bylaws
  2. The extension of mandate of the existing Board of Directors until the Annual General Meeting (Friday, 27th March 2015).


Almost a year ago, in January 2014, there was a meeting held at Calling Lakes Centre near Fort Qu'Appelle to discuss the options to revitalize the Saskatchewan Organic Directorate, which has been struggling with reduced membership, and the consequential shortage of funding and involvement. This meeting which included about forty people from a cross-section of the organic industry, resulted in good discussion and the creation of a number of committees to help in the revitalization effort.

After the SOD AGM held in Saskatoon on 28 March 2014, the new SOD Board of Directors set to reviewing the proposals coming out of the Calling Lakes meeting. After much considered discussion, the Board has chosen to propose major changes - including the structure of SOD, its funding and its name.

To this point, SOD has been a voluntary membership organization, where individuals chose to submit an annual membership fee to SOD. As is the case with many associations, only a fraction of those eligible to belong have chosen to belong. This has resulted in limited involvement by industry members and also small funding levels. Fewer people and little money tends to lead to atrophy or death in organizations and it was with a desire to prevent that from happening that it was chosen to make a significant change.

Organic Connections Conference and Trade Show

Farming for the Future

6th - 8th November, 2014 Conexus Arts Centre, Regina

Farming for the Future! What does your future hold? Does it include anything ORGANIC? President Debbie Miller feels that the Organic sector is perfectly positioned to take advantage of a growing list of global, national and regional opportunities. “I’m excited about emerging local and export markets and the growing awareness of consumers when it comes to their food. Today’s families are not only more knowledgeable about the benefits of organic food but they also want to recover that connection with the farm, they want to know where their food came from, how it was grown and handled, and how it got to their table.” The conference program is designed to not only point producers in the direction of those opportunities but to provide tools to take advantage of them now and into the future.

SOD Special General Meeting

Monday, January 19, 2015 - 10:00am - 3:00pm